Upgrade Your Laundromat With New Machines

Upgrade Your Laundromat With New Machines

Call on an experienced commercial washer installer in Casper, WY

Have you been saving up for new laundry equipment? Turn to 5tar LLC for washer and dryer installation services. Our seasoned commercial washer installers will install your appliances correctly the first time. We've been doing appliance installations for 10+ years.

Put your new laundry equipment in capable hands. Call 307-577-9945 now to speak with a commercial washer installer based in Casper, WY and serving surrounding areas.

3 signs your industrial dryer needs to be repaired

Does your hotel have a laundry problem? If you need commercial or industrial dryer repair services, you can count on 5tar to do the job right.

Here are three signs your dryer has problems:

  1. Your clothes come out wet
  2. The dryer vent is clogged
  3. You hear loud banging sounds when it operates

Our appliance technicians can restore your dryer to top operating condition. Contact us today to schedule industrial dryer repair services in the Casper, WY area.